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Your one-stop shop for human tissue samples.

BioServe’s Global BioRepository, Partner Network, and Custom Collections give you unprecedented access to the widest array of clinical grade biospecimens.


Our organization is dedicated to providing academic and industry researchers with a huge variety of human tissue samples, including human DNA samples from 120,000 consented and anonymized patients on four continents. Additionally, we offer a full suite of preclinical molecular services and research tools to help with genetic, drug discovery, and molecular diagnostic research.

Since 1989, we have been providing services to major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies across the globe. Furthermore, our organization offers our human tissue samples to top government, industry, and academic research institutions. Contact us today to inquire about our human DNA samples or discuss our genotyping, DNA extraction, gene expression, or molecular diagnostic CLIA testing services. The team at BioServe is ready to provide you with dependable samples and services.

We have it…

Our Network has it…

or, we can collect it.

We have an extensive inventory.

Let us help find the samples you need

BioServe is pleased to announce that we are now part of the ReproCELL Group.

The ReproCELL Group offers a comprehensive suite of products and services supporting cancer research from human biospecimen procurement to media specific for long-term culturing of human cancer cells to 3D cell culture scaffolds for growing physiologically relevant in vitro cancer models.