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DNA Extraction Services: Why We are the Only Choice for Quality

Only a trusted professional and standardized facility is suitable for proper DNA extraction services. BioServe’s extensive history and experienced staff has advantages over other facilities.

Our Proven History

We have gathered 20 years of solid experience with biomaterials. From serum, whole blood, saliva, cultured cells, fresh and frozen tissues, plus much more, our methods to genomic DNA isolation is meticulous and careful.

Variety of Reagents

Trust us to utilize various reagents based on the specific biomaterials being analyzed. We use a variety of organic and non-organic reagents to isolate viable DNA. One we have developed is called DNAQuik™. This non-organic reagent produces quality, high molecular genomic DNA. We utilize DNAQuik for DNA extractions with a number of tissues.

Proven Quantitative Methods

BioServe’s quantitative methods are high-grade and reliable. We quantitate Genomic DNA by measuring with an optical density at 260 nm and A280 nm wavelengths. For small samples that yield small quantities of DNA or bacterial DNA, our team uses the Real-Time PCR, setting the probe for specific human DNA. Quantitation is also possible with Picogreen, should your project demand it.

Quality Measurements

Our laboratory determines the quality of DNA by electrophasing a small quantity from the larger sample (usually 25 ng to 200 ng) on 1 percent agarose gel. We usually perform quality checks on 10 percent of the samples. We handpick some DNA samples and analyze them for 15 years, if it’s determined they are high quality, we place them in storage at -70°C.

Our Results Matter

We are proud that our DNA extraction services are used in many genomics applications. Masscode (Qiagenomics), Beadchip Array (Illumina), GeneChip Array (Affymetrix), and TaqMan (ABI), are a few examples where we make an impact on molecular biology.

RNA Extraction

Not only do we excel at DNA extraction services, our RNA extraction procedures are no different. By utilizing proven reagents such as Qiagen and RNAQuikTM, we hold to the highest standards of measuring RNA quality with the Agilent’s Bioanalyzer, an industry standard instrument. Time and again, our lab technicians continue to produce protocols for RNA purification.

At BioServe, we provide unparalleled genotyping, human tissue samples, and DNA extraction services. Do you have an inquiry about our services? Contact us today and we will be happy to answer.