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Experienced DNA Extraction Services

If you’re a scientist working in the medical field, you know how important good DNA extraction can be. That’s because you know that DNA extraction is a crucial early step in a range of diagnostic procedures, and can be vital to the diagnosis of genetic disorders as well as other diseases. DNA can be extracted from all kinds of biomaterials, including blood clots or whole blood, saliva, swabs, and fresh or frozen tissue.

DNA and RNA extraction are among the newest of the biosciences, because the technology necessary for the extraction of DNA from plants and animals was developed only recently. In the medical field, DNA extraction often leads to the development of new pharmaceuticals. Human and animal DNA is used to make a number of important and life-saving drugs, including insulin.

Medical Applications

The medical applications of DNA extraction extend beyond pharmaceutical development. DNA extraction services can help with the diagnosis of a number of genetic conditions. It’s only when these conditions are diagnosed that appropriate treatment can begin.

These conditions include cystic fibrosis, Huntington’s disease, hemophilia, Tay-Sach’s disease, sickle-cell anemia, and fragile X syndrome. Even if the patient isn’t exhibiting symptoms of a genetic illness, they could be a carrier and could put their future children at risk. DNA extraction and testing can warn carriers of the potential for genetic illness.

Our Superior Process

DNA can be extracted from any living thing, but in order for that DNA to be useful, it must be extracted properly. Here at BioServe, we’ve been extracting DNA from biomaterials of all types for more than 20 years. We’ve worked with saliva, whole blood, buffy coats, blood clots, mouthwash, nuclear pellets, PMBCs, serum, buccal swabs, cytobrushes, cultured cells, and plant material, as well as fresh, frozen, and paraffin-embedded tissues.

We understand that different biomaterials require different DNA extraction processes and reagents. That’s why we’ve developed our own line of DNAQuik reagents to extract high-quality DNA. It’s what makes us one of the best DNA extraction services in the field. But DNA extraction is too important to trust to just anyone — lives hang in the balance.

Trust BioServe when you need RNA and DNA extraction services and get the great results your patients need.