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Human Biospecimens: Extensive Resource at Your Service

Scientific advances do not happen without tapping into resources such as human biospecimens, and at BioServe, our extensive biospecimen repository can support your research. Our repository collects, processes, stores, and distributes human biospecimens from a number of academic, medical, or industry institutions.

Uniting Our Channels

By uniting our channels, including academic, medical, or industry players, our superior global biorepository has produced an extensive inventory, so you will always receive the biosamples needed for your project. We support the future of scientific investigation and our biorepository contains more than 600,000 samples. Every Network member has contributed valuable samples to BioServe.

We Provide High Quality

Research utilizing biosamples is crucial to understanding disease and developing therapies. Up until now, there were not enough quality, quantity, and types of human biospecimens available to researchers. Our response to this absence is the BioServe Network. We created a sole source of high-quality biosamples. We practice transparency, providing information to our clients on where and how we source our samples. Specimens are acquired through IRB-approved protocols, and HIPAA-compliant parameters. BioServe ensures you receive the highest-quality samples gathered with the gold standard SOPs.

Sample Cataloguing in One Repository

BioServe’s single industrial source of human biospecimens makes us one of the most trusted and largest in the world. As an example, our samples covers 600,000 human DNA, serum, and tissue samples linked to comprehensive clinical and demographic from 120,000 consented and anonymous patients from several corners of the globe.

Superior Service

It is easy to reach out to us: Simply submit a “sample request” on our website. We will search the in-house inventory and the large network catalog to locate the samples you have chosen. Because of the diverse nature of our network, sometimes your order will be fulfilled by a combination of the two. Our goal is to fulfill your sample request, so there is no need to search elsewhere.

At BioServe, our biorepository is one of the largest sources for human biospecimens for medical research or bioprojects. Place your sample request today. If you have another inquiry about our services, we would be happy to answer any questions.