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Human Tissue Samples for Research

BioServe is a global biorepository for the largest source of human tissue samples in the world. With over 60o,000 DNA, tissue, and serum samples, leading researchers from academic institutions and medical research facilities have utilized our tissue bank.

Sampling That’s Reliably Sourced

Our human tissue samples are sourced from 120,000 consenting and anonymized patients stemming from four continents. Each tissue profile is culled from detailed clinical and demographic data, which means our tissue bank is cross-referenced and a reliable source for research or medical purposes. We understand the significance of tissue donations to make important discoveries in developing new drugs, diagnosis of disease, and bioresearch.

Preclinical Molecular Services

If you’re a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company, let our preclinical molecular services help identity genetic markers, confirm drug targets, and associate clinical and molecular data towards the development of effective, safer drugs.

Rare Disease Network

We’ve also developed an orphan disease network, by collecting rare, human tissue samples that serve speciality clinics around the United States. These rare samples help towards research on a number of diseases, including inflammatory, autoimmune, and rheumatology, urology, and oncology.

We Work With Partners

Let our highly trained staff access our tissue sample network to assist you with finding the right human tissue samples for your project. We maintain fellowship with several other leading biorepositories to ensure you always get what you need.

Unparalleled Service

Quality and professionalism is what we strive for at BioServe. Not only do we thoroughly screen, hire, and train all personnel, our quality assurance program is detailed, comprehensive, and continually monitored for improvement. We provide the infrastructure and the necessary support to researchers, which include the transfer of tissue samples to any organization. Rest assured that we abide by all ethical, safety, and material transfer regulations at our repository.

BioServe provides unrivaled access to clinical-grade IRB-approved human samples. We’ve developed our large bank of tissue samples for 17 years and continue to develop methods to support the research and medical industries towards finding solutions. Contact us if you have a question about our services, want assistance in finding human tissue samples, or have another inquiry.