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Technologies We Use for Genotyping Services

When your organization needs experienced assistance with genotyping services, Bioserve can help. Our vast Global Repository unlocks the secrets of more than 600,000 human DNA and tissue samples, from 120,000 patients around the world. Our molecular services use some of the latest technology to assist with industry and academic research in the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological fields.

Genotyping is just one of the molecular services we provide. It all begins with our expert assay design. We offer a number of pre-designed assay panels, or you can have our scientists custom-design an assay panel to meet your needs. With our expert assay design, our genotyping services can give you the meaningful results you need.

The specific technology necessary to meet your project’s needs depends on its parameters. After assessing your project’s requirements, our scientists will use either the ViiA 7 Real-Time PCR System or the Sequenom MassARRAY MALDI-TOF Analyzer 4.

The ViiA 7 Real-Time PCR System is a seventh-generation platform that combines high-performance features like an easy, modern touch-screen user interface and compatibility with automation systems to make the most of automated environments. With its user-friendly software, capacity for detailed analysis, and award-winning support, the ViiA 7 is the PCR system of choice for most labs.

The ViiA 7 system is among the most advanced and innovative high-productivity PCR systems. Its OptiFlex system allows a greater degree of accuracy and sensitivity than any other system available. The ViiA 7’s precision allows us to pinpoint changes as small as 1.5 fold in singleplex reactions. The ViiA 7 works with 96 and fast 96-well plates, 384-well plates, and TaqMan Array Cards.

If the ViiA 7 system does not meet your needs, we will use the MassARRAY MALDI-TOF. This mass spectrometry technology has been specially designed for genomic research. It can run two 384- and 96-well plates at once, for a capacity of more than 100,000 genotypes from thousands of samples each day.

The MassARRAY MALDI-TOF offers extremely high resolution and high throughput. This technology can measure absolute concentration with greater precision than any other method. It’s used for virtually all types of nucleic acid analysis, including SNP genotyping services. The MassARRAY system is a popular choice for linkage studies, fine mapping, and routine genetic testing.